gourami bottom of tank

  1. A

    Strange Dwarf Gourami Behaviour

    So I've had a male and female Dwarf Gourami in a 60 Litre tank for 4 months and had zero issues, but the last couple of days I've noticed them on the floor of the tank and the female seems to just rest on the bottom almost panting. I thought that they were supposed to be mid to top dwellers in...
  2. P

    Is this ick?

    Hey everyone! We just got our first aquarium! I’ve noticed the gourami is stressed out and had these white spots. It’s ick right? If it is should I be worried about knocking out my cycle when I treat? How should I avoid an ammonia spike ?
  3. N

    Dwarf Gourami laying on side?

    I got 2 dwarf gouramis 3 days ago and one has been basically laying on its side the whole time, it’s sides look a little puffed out, it’s breathing heaving, and isn’t moving. He seemed to be gasping for air at the top a lot when I first got him and it really accelerated to this fast. I have an...
  4. Tippersloth

    Gourami bloat? Or just bullied

    I am wondering if two of my honey gourami’s have bloat or not as they are in two separate areas of the tank at the bottom half the time, there was an angel in the fishtank aswell but did end up giving away due to the angel being a nipper towards them so I am waiting to see if that was the issue...
  5. G

    Strange Male Dwarf Gourami Disease

    Hi Everyone, My male dwarf gourami is battling a strange disease, he cannot swim straight, sits at the bottom of the tank looking dead, has bursts of ultra fast swimming often resulting in him crashing into objects in the tank, like the glass and heater. I have found a YouTube video that shows...
  6. K

    Dropsy or Something Else

    Hi Everyone, I have a sick Gourami “Biggie”. He is swollen and is struggling to stay up. He was big when I got him. He can get to the top of the tank but hasn’t eaten in a week and sinks to the bottom of the tank. He has been doing them for three weeks. The pet store told me to add aquarium...
  7. T

    Is three gourami in a 20 gal tank to many?

    I had a tank full of different fish, but my male Gold Gourami was bullying the smaller fish and my other female Blue Gourami, so I moved him into a new tank. He seemed lonely so I went and got a female Gold Gourami for him to hang out with, as well as two snails, they have been fine but it...
  8. W

    Gourami lying on the bottom

    Hi all, My golden gourami has been living in my dad’s tank for a while now, almost a year. (I raised him in a twenty gallon and he moved to the sixty when he got bigger). He lives with some angels and discus and my comet goldfish as well, who are all healthy. Recently for the past couple of...