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    Will Green Tiger Barbs, Opaline And Golden Gouramis And Boesmai Rainbo

    Hi everyone,   I just wanted to ask whether green tiger barbs, opaline and golden gouramis and boesmai rainbow fish live together ok? I do not mind if there is some fighting but not to much.   These are the stocking plans for the fish:   Green tiger barbs - 5 to 7   Opaline gouramis - 2 Golden...
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    Golden Gouramis Fighting (new Keeper Please Help)

    I have set up a 60 litre tank 4 wks ago and added X2 platies, X6 Neons and yesterday i added X2 Golden Gouramis. The larger one started chasing the other around and bullied him all day and night so i took the bully back to the pet shop. They gave me another one as a replacement but now the one...