1. cooledwhip

    What Kind Of Goldfish Are These?

    Hi all, I was at a new LFS today just browsing around and maybe buy some plants and they had a massive tank with a bunch of "small goldfish" as they were labeled. I bought some plants and decided to buy these "small goldfish" Because they were $2 each... and there were HUNDREDS. I also saw in...
  2. TotallyTropical

    Rehoming Necessary?

    I was told a while back that my gourami choice was not the greatest and that I should reconsider it. About four more gouramis later, I realize I might have a small addiction to the little fellas Now I'm wondering, is it really that bad? Here's what I've got: -2 Snakeskins (one is a nice 6...
  3. AeonMapa

    Hikari Bio-Gold+

    So I've gotten this fishfood about two weeks ago, and I just wanted to share my experiences with it. I bought the Hikari bio gold+ for cichlids (they have it in other varieties too) primarily to feed my severum, electric blue jack Dempsey and my geophagus.   I'll give the bad news first: The...
  4. alexshaw

    Need Help With Pleco Fins Splitting. =(

    Hey so i got this gold spot pleco and have had him for about a month and a half i have brackish water which my fish love. I have mollies guppies sword tails and 2 silver sharks. couple weeks ago i noticed some white spot starting to form so i quickly treated it with wonder tonic. It did the...
  5. J

    Gold Sevrum Male And Female?

    Are these male and fema just want to make sure. The one I think is male. The one I thinks female.
  6. LovelyLoaches

    Gold Dojo Loaches. Boys Or Girl?

    I have three gold dojo loaches but I don't know their gender. Two are younger and one is pretty big. How can I tell of they are boys or girl?