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gill problems

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    (Freshwater) algae eater gill flukes?

    Hello, TLDR: does my fish have gill flukes or did he just hurt himself? Should I treat for flukes regardless just in case? I need help identifying whether my new algae eater has gill flukes or if they sustained damage somehow? It was fine and looking/behaving normally this morning. Just now I...
  2. S

    Three striped damsel fish gills infection

    Strange looking spotting appeared on his side. Please help me understand what it could be
  3. K

    Help Tuma Like Growth On My Betta

    Hello all, Been around fish for about the last 5 years. My Male betta seems to have some sort of tuma around its gill/head area. Unfortnatley i have been working away for the past 3 months and come back to very nasty sight. I tried my best in order to take a photo of it but bowed glass and a...