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    6X2X2' Project

    I'm upgrading from my 4 footer to this huge 6'2'2' tank & thought I'd made a thread about it. I bought this tank with an Ehiem 2217, lots of ornaments, all lids, chemicals etc for $200 (Early christmas present from my dad) which I thought was pretty good, so I have a bit of money to put into...
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    What's Attacking My Ghost Knife?

    Hi there, I've never posted anything on here before so please bare with me I have a 'gold' ghost knife with beautiful markings, but something in my tank has started attacking it. My tank is 4' & currently has about 140L of water in it, the cannister filter is an Aqua One nautilus 1400, there is...
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    Hello all,   My names Lee. I'm located in southwestern Ontario. I have been keeping fish for several years now. I currently have:   10 Gallon w/ Fancy Guppies, Platty fry, 1 x 1.5" blind Pakistani Loach that has stunted growth and is tiny for its age. Dont often test parameters as its a 10gal...
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    Coloured Widows Biting My Gkf Tail! :(

    hi guys, im kinda new to this so please bare with me. i have a ghost knife fish in my 4ft aquarium with 2 angels and 4 coloured widow. all was well until i saw my GKF (Ghost knife fish) tail was bitten and red. After watching it for a while i noticed that the widows were going for his tail...