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  1. cait.russ

    Advice for a new fish owner

    Hey everyone! I recently got 2 German blue ram’s and for the first couple days they hid away in the corners of the tank so I got an extra couple live plants and another ornament for more hiding space. One seemed to be very aggressive towards the other for a day or so and now they both seem to...
  2. B

    Please help, German Rams very agressive

    Tanks) PTrader: (0/0%) Join Date: May 2020 Posts: 1 Please help, German Rams very agressive Hey folks, I'm in a bit of a tricky situation here. I have a 150l tank, and recently purchase 2 German Rams to occupy it. It appears the fish shop has given me 2 males (one clearly more dominant than the...
  3. E

    Fish disease

    cwn anyone tell me what is on my high fin German rams. I noticed I acouole if days ago. I don’t think it’s ich because is only on there fins and it’s bigger spots. Also they are only on the German rams.