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  1. M

    So... clown killifish and gbr? 10 gallon in need of some stocking help.

    im considering the following stock for my ten: 1-2x gbr 6-8x clown killi 1x golden apple snail 2x nerite snail 3-6x amano shrimp This seems ok to me. id like some outside opinions, however, so would this work? Ive asked in a few other places already, but i figured id ask here too as results...
  2. M

    Wow. Just watched GBR attack and eat a snail.

    The snail had been attached to the glass, let go of the glass, was floating in the water, and then the ram attacked it so fast I thought I was watching a tv show. LOL He just ripped the snail right out of the shell. Well, I guess that's why I don't have a snail infestation. :)
  3. M

    Sexing GBR's

    Picked up a pair of GBR's and was wondering if anyone else can confirm the sex of them. I did spend some time taking a look at both of them and think I have both a male and female. The supposed female holds the back of the tank and they both seem to get into a "fight" when they see each other...
  4. M

    German blue ram eggs fertile?

    Hey again. So update on the ich first. I am actually not 100% sure if it was ich or not. The spots aren't on the oto anymore after I gave him a salt bath. He has actually started eating more and seems more active. However, I have no idea if it will come back because it has been like a week and...
  5. C

    Extremely Territorial German Blue Ram?

    I got four GBRs three days ago, one male and three females. The male is obviously dominant, he claims his space but he's "friendly"about it. Two of the females are fine as well, they just swim around and don't really bother anyone. One of the females is extremely aggressive. She hides in a...
  6. P

    New 75 Gallon Developing Quicker Than Expected

    So recently bought a new 75 gallon tank on August 2nd since my parents gave me a bunch of money to get a bit deeper into my aquarium stuff.   2 days later I had it setup with black sand and a hanging filter I had on my 55 gallon running with my canister filter. I also threw in 20 gallons of...
  7. P

    Tons Of Questions

    So i started my tank about two months ago,  55 gallon with two quiet flow 50s (Yeah the guy at Petco was a real slick talker), i have a german ram and two electric blues (had another blue but mysteriously died), 5 von rio tetras, 3 congo tetras(plan on getting 2 or 3 more once the pet store gets...
  8. Californialivin

    My Electric Blue Rams

    Hey guys figured I'd start up a thread here to show everyone how things go with my two new rams so far everything seems good. I introduced them to my tank yesterday and they're being active, they've found most of the caverns in the tank and stay near the bottom portion of the tank. I think they...