gbr ram german blue

  1. Lene

    Male or female RAM

    Can someone please help me? Is this a female? Last couple of days she’s been so aggressive chasing my male around, he’s all pale and just hiding now…
  2. F

    Is this a fluke?

    Hi, I’ve just noticed this on both of my rams gills. By phantom tetra also has something similar towards its tail that looks like a pimple. I just wondered if these are flukes? The female ram doesn’t seem to have it anymore and the tetra just has a lump without a white part sticking out. The...
  3. Gravydavy727

    New plants new fish

    After a month here we are tank is coming along nicely. Bit of tlc here n there as the rams seem to be struggling a bit compared to.everyome else, but i think we are getting there.
  4. B

    Please help, German Rams very agressive

    Tanks) PTrader: (0/0%) Join Date: May 2020 Posts: 1 Please help, German Rams very agressive Hey folks, I'm in a bit of a tricky situation here. I have a 150l tank, and recently purchase 2 German Rams to occupy it. It appears the fish shop has given me 2 males (one clearly more dominant than the...
  5. gem222

    New German Blue Rams - Help Sexing Please

    Hi,    I have bought two German Blue rams today from my LFS. They are my first venture into rams and are currently exploring my community tank. The LFS where I got them weren't very helpful in respects to sexing them so I was wondering if anyone of you could help? I can see one has a definite...