freak out

  1. Mistymercer

    TANK WATER help!

    I have a 10gl freshwater aquarium. I use my tap water and treat it with "nutrafin tap water conditioner for bettas) and a filter. I have; 1 betta 1 molly 4 tetras I did a tip test and my GH and KH are both at the max (180 and 240) my PH is 7.5/8!!! I've been cycling the water and treating...
  2. K


    I just bought a new elephant ear betta, Merlin, and when I put him into his new tank he got really freaked out. He isn't completely flaring, its more like heavy breathing and he wont stop. Its been two hours so far and he still hasn't calmed down, he occasionally darts around hitting things and...
  3. D

    Betta Fish Male Problem - The Fish Is Freaking Out

    Hey, there. I need help. My sister's fish which is a Betta fish and is now under my care cause of reasons. Well the fish was normal every day until yesterday which started to have some "freak out" 's.. the first time it happened was when i entered from the exit door of my house and the fish just...