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  1. O

    What Should I Get In My Fluval Chi?

    I Just cleaned out my 6 gallon fluval chi, and I need suggestions for plants! I have 2 mystery fish andI'm getting 2 adf's! (african dwarf frogs) I need suggestions for the tank and also help with syncing a new light switch! HELP    (i will try and post a picture of the mystery fish so u guys...
  2. ech0o

    New To Fishkeeping, Out Here In Sunny Phoenix, Az!

    Hello everyone!!!!!  New to the forum, recently helped my girlfriends brother with some fishkeeping tasks, cleaning the tanks, learned a little about the process, and found myself quite intrigued.  I have never kept an aquarium before and found myself oddly gravitating towards the idea of...
  3. Q

    New To Bettas..looking For Opinions On Fluval Chi 5g Tank

    Hello! My name is Traci. My Bettas name is Quill (though, that may be a given at this point). I dont know anything about specifics but hes a beautiful blue with red accents. I have had him since June and he is currently housed in 1 gallon Aqueon tank, with filter. Though I think the tank is a...