flowerhorn fish

  1. Shenny

    Flowerhorn KOK Buoyancy

    Hi, all. I have a 2 year old SB Dragon. 10 inches with an enormous KOK. He eats great, very active and healthy. He doesn’t seem to have swim bladder or any internal air making him go sideways typical symptoms etc. Once he goes down to the tank bottom he can explore etc but will eventually...
  2. quyenquang1988

    [The most] technical standard with how to raise King kamfa fish

    If you are a connoisseur of aquarium fish, you will probably know King kamfa - the leading species in the La Han line because of its extremely brilliant beauty and attraction to sparkling continents. Like the Diamond Arowana, King kamfa has been successfully bred by many artisans to overcome the...
  3. Deezy7


    Hi guys just recently purchased this beautiful SRD flowerhorn. What does everyone think? Havent got a name yet
  4. J

    Flowerhorn name

    Hi guys don’t know if this fits here but I got a flowerhorn YAY! I need name suggestions... any name you wanna say say it, thank you guys and notice he has like a cool “heart” pattern on his head thought that would be cool in his name or something thanks
  5. T

    Please Help Me...This Is Male or Female???

    I have bought This Flowerhorn 10 days ago...At starting The Hump (kok) doesnt Grow...but the hump(kok) was grow little bit...the flowerhorn eats shrimp and Okiko Food... please Help me...And This have little bit yip like structure in vent area...this is male flowerhorn or female flowerhorn