fishless cycling

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  1. Ian.ryan

    2 weeks into my new aquarium setup

    Here is an image of how my first Aquarium looks.
  2. Lyuba_buk

    Greetings from Illinois

    hi! i am Lyuba and i am new to fishkeeping. Well, several years ago I had tiny tank with betta fish, which survived a lot (never did any cycling or dechlorinated water). Currently cycling my new 10 gallon tank with One & Only. I would like to have one betta and a couple smaller fishes (looking...
  3. W

    Fishless cycling filter on a smaller container

    Hi first post here I was trying the fishless cycling using ammonia ( using the "Add and Wait" Method but instead of using my 70gal aquarium I used a 20gal container that fits two 4 in diameter x 4 in height sponge filter. Actual water...
  4. TwoTankAmin

    New Directions For Cycling W/ Dr. Tim's One And Only

    I just got an email pointing me to a new feature on Dr. Hovanec's site. It is called "Dr. Tim's Aquatics Recipes for Success"   One of the 3 recipes is for how to do a fast fishless cycle using One and Only. He has increased the 2nd ammonia dose from 1/2 drop/gal. to a full drop. He has also...
  5. V

    Fishless Cycle Question

    Hello everyone,   I am a newbie to the forum and also to fish in general, i have been reading tons of info on the internet and decided to purchase a 29 gallon tank and do a fishless cycle. I added 4ppm of the ace hardware janitorial ammonia to the water 3 weeks ago. I purchased an API Master...
  6. RCA

    Clarification On The Fishless Cycle...

    This question is in relation to the Fishless Cycling of an aquarium.   Approach taken from: Fishless Cycling, using the add and wait method Aquarium being cycled: Juwel Vision 180 - details of tank set-up and filtration are in this link. Using Pure Ammonia 9.5% solution and calculating via the...
  7. N

    Fishless Cycle With Mature Media ?'s

    Hi everyone, I am having a bad case of new tank syndrome. (See 'need help dealing with new tank syndrome') Anyways, I've decided to take my last two danios back to the store and continue the cycle fishless.  I have read all the material about fishless cycling on these forums (thank you!) and am...
  8. H

    Question About Ammonia Test

    hello I have a Sera Ammonium/Ammonia test. From what I understand from its instructions, it really measures ammonium (NH4), and using the provided chart relating your measured values and your pH, you can guestimate the actual ammonia (NH3) levels. From the order of magnitude of covered test...