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  1. A

    Ich and fish-in-cycling

    Hi! I am very new to having a fish tank. My kids have been asking for one so my hubby took them to a local farm and pet store and got a tank and GloFish. It’s a small tank, 5 gallons, and we got 5 fish. He was told we could set it up and put them in right away. After some reading I now know that...
  2. AilyNC

    Few fish in Cycle questions

    I find it tricky to read the API Master Kit but is it ok that my nitrates are so high but nitrite & Ammonia low? Is that normal for the fish in Cycle? Why is my CO2 zero with plants? Why is my fresh tap water showing lower PH than tank water? I'm doing daily 75% water changes and have Anubis...
  3. Irksome

    Unexpected fry in fish delivery. How can I maximise survival?

    I had a fish delivery of just two adult guppies to add to my female betta/ Guppy tank and to my surprise there were four fry also in the bag. I have 3 options for them. My female betta/guppy tank, although she is fine with adult guppies will probably eat the fry on under 30 seconds and I just...
  4. BamBeckham

    My Nitrite Show Up (Fish In Cycling)

    My routine to test my cycling tank every evening after back from work, Today, I found my Nitrite already show up after almost a week. The reading:   pH 7.0,  Ammonia 2.0, Nitrite 0.25, Nitrate 5.0   After I did the WC the reading:   pH 7.2, Ammonia 1.0, Nitrite > 0 and < 0.25, Nitrate 5.0   2...
  5. HerMooness

    Confused With Water Test Results - Fish In Cycling

    Hiya everyone. So I set up my new tank about 6 weeks ago, 24 litre one, and got two Glowlight Tetra's (Tarquin and Tulula!) as per recommendation of the fishy guy at downtown. I had bought an interpet easy set up kit which had fresh start, filter start and a load of test tablets in and I was...