fish gasping

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    One glofish tetra opening and closing mouth

    Hi im new to fish keeping. I have a glofish tetra who constantly opens and closes his mouth. Im not sure if its just a recent thing or it was like that when i got him around 3 weeks ago. Im freshly new and trying to be as informed as possible hes is the only one doing this. Also ever since i...
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    Black neon tetra sudden behavior change

    Hi all, I just found this forum in hopes of finding some help/answers, and I'm reaching out here since this seems like a very helpful community of experienced hobbyists. I'm hoping to get some help diagnosing my black neon's issue. I do not have the tools/equipment for exact numbers for water...
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    Fish Gasping - Tried Several Approaches To No Avail

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help solve my problem or give me some ideas to try, because my current tank issue is driving me mad! I have trawled forums for clues, but none of the solutions mentioned have helped me so far. Also, I'm sorry, but this is going to be loooong, because I...