fish deaths

  1. V

    What do I do next time?

    Recently I lost my corydoras to some type of infection. Water parameters all checked out, I change water, clean filter, and siphon gravel regularly/when needed. I have one left, who has never showed symptoms this whole time. He didn't get sick. I want to learn from this experience. Recently I...
  2. D


    Hi we have just had our whole tank wiped out in a couple of days. First signs of stress were on Friday evening when they didn't eat. Then we treated with wide spectrum treatment but over the weekend they have all turned belly up! From what I can see it was columnaris bacterial infection as the...
  3. quinnARIUM

    Water-change killed my fish??

    Hi everyone, This actually happened a few months ago, but I need to resolve this issue before I purchase and new fish. My 75-gal planted aquarium was thriving with 3 kuhli loaches, 8 corydoras, 10 rummy-nose tetras, 2 apisstogrammas, and 2 bamboo shrimp. About a week after adding the most...
  4. S

    Urgently Need Advice

    Hi, I have a 75litre freshwater aquarium, water conditions normal on test strips and water is conditioned(been having a misty water issue but it is improving), carbon integrated filters and heated of course. (1/4 water change - 2 days ago) 3 male mollies, 9 female mollies, 3 molly fry, 1 female...
  5. Jenste

    Sometimes I Feel Like I Can't Win

    Ok - background. 72 gallon bow. low tech planted (no C02/ferts/anything), predrilled with overflow/filter housing. Filtered by two Fluval 405s with outtakes housed inside the filterhousing to reduce flow for discus. One filter is 3+ years old and the other is under a year old. I had been...