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fish breathing at surface

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  1. B

    Why are my guppies staying near the surface of the tank?

    Hi, I recently got some guppies for my first fish tank and they spend most of their time at the surface. Is this normal? I have a filter installed and an airstone installed. The airstone seemed too powerful so I keep it on for a minute at some times during the day so I don't stress out the fish.
  2. Dopatri

    Why are all my fish staying at the surface?

    I have 6 fish in my tank, 3 guppies and 2 balloon mollies. However, since last night, I’ve noticed they’re all swimming around at the surface of the tank. Particularly the guppies. I’ve got no clue why because I have a pump that sprays bubbles so I’m sure there is enough oxygen in there for...
  3. Jenste

    Sometimes I Feel Like I Can't Win

    Ok - background. 72 gallon bow. low tech planted (no C02/ferts/anything), predrilled with overflow/filter housing. Filtered by two Fluval 405s with outtakes housed inside the filterhousing to reduce flow for discus. One filter is 3+ years old and the other is under a year old. I had been...