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first planted tank

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  1. rebe

    My planted 105L Tank (28-29 Gal) and related questions

    Hello everyone! Thank you for your help on my posts so far. I have a couple of open threads on various topics but they often cross over and get confusing. So I'm making this general one for questions, discussions, and updates so that things don't get confusing. I will link my previous threads...
  2. Jagster

    Newly set up 15 gallon freshwater tank

    Hey guys I am new to the hobby and bought a tank after months of research. My newly set up 15 gallon freshwater planted overhead filter tank has been cycling for 3 weeks now. I have made a list of the fish would like to keep and need your opinion on it. 6× zebra danio 6× neon tetra 2× oto 1×...
  3. Electric Warrior

    Help Me With My Scape Please

    Hi, this is my first attempt at a planted tank, but I am still needing a bit more advice. This is how it currently looks, excuse the quality, it's off my phone. I wasn't sure if I should some more plants along the front right, in front of the wood, or leave it empty? I have also attached some...