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  1. BabyBlue

    URGENT: First Time Aquarium Owner

    Hi everyone! Please I need some help!!! Yesterday I got 2 Ghost Shrimp and 4 Neon Tetras for my new tank and was ecstatic to see that one of the shrimp were carrying eggs. So I set up the tank and conditioned the water. I acclimated both the fish and shrimp for a good few hours before adding...
  2. W

    German Blue Ram - First Fish

    I have recently entered the hobby, purchasing a Aquapod 56litre aquarium. Which I have included some small plants and larger rocks. I have cycled my tank and has the local fish store confirmed the conditions were now suitable for my first fish. I decided to go for a German Blue Ram although I...
  3. R

    Looking For Input On My First Fish Tank

    I just got a 29 gallon tank and am currently in the process of cycling it, and am trying to decide which fish i want to stock it with. I had some ideas but was hoping to get some advice from people who are a bit more experienced. My idea was to have: - Two or Three Dwarf Gourami - a school of...
  4. D

    Starter Tank Kit: 10 Gallon Recommendations

    Hi, everyone! I'm relatively new to the fish community. After a fairly sad experience, due to inexperience and overstocking (and unexpected breeding, which led to further overstocking), I've decided that if I really would like to have fish in my life, I need to make sure they're being cared for...
  5. Jagster

    Newly set up 15 gallon freshwater tank

    Hey guys I am new to the hobby and bought a tank after months of research. My newly set up 15 gallon freshwater planted overhead filter tank has been cycling for 3 weeks now. I have made a list of the fish would like to keep and need your opinion on it. 6× zebra danio 6× neon tetra 2× oto 1×...
  6. BabyMatthew

    New Hobbiest Mom

    Hi, not sure if I'm doing this right but I am new and I would like to introduce myself. I am a mom of a two year old who LOVES fish and I just got him a tank for Christmas. I have been reading all the posts on how to properly set it up. Thank you all for your expertise! Best, BabyMatthew's mom
  7. phungi11

    My First Set-up

    Decided it was time to get my first aquarium started, hence the low-light planted set-up. I've been lurking the forum for months now and decided I would finally post up since I'm about fully stocked now. I picked up this 29g used on CL with some tacky ornaments, cheap Aqueon filter, Aqueon hood...