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  1. J


    Hi, I am an owner of a 5-6 year old fire eel which is approximately 21 inches long, so is probably pretty much fully grown. She does have a scary habit of lying on her side, or even upside down when she is sleeping, which even after all these years scares the bejesus out of me as it looks like...
  2. B

    Help Fire Eel

    Hi I need help I think my fire eel is sick, it’s at the bottom of the tank bent in half and I havnt seen it eat since we got it about 2 weeks ago? What should I do?
  3. Sophie

    1800L/475G - Clown Loaches, Loricariids & More!

    Well, what can I say - I'm finally satisfied with a tank. Current stocking: 13 Chromobotia macracanthus (Clown Loach) (more to come once others have grown on), 1 Mastacembelus erythrotaenia (Fire Eel) (about 25"), 16 Dawkinsia filamentosa (Filament Barbs), Loricariidae; Panaque suttonorum...
  4. D

    Night Lights For Nocturnal Fish?

    Hi everyone,   I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about night lighting to view my nocturnal fish. I sometimes see the nocturnal fish during the day but not often, and i'd like to see what they are like when the lights go off.    thanks in advance :) 
  5. D

    Need Help Identifying Some Of My Fish - Video

    Hi everyone, I've got a 500 litre (roughly) fish tank, I've got a bunch of fish, the majority of which i know what they are. I was wondering if anyone could identity a few of my fish for me. (please see the youtube video - link below)     the two pleco's - i think they are just common pleco's...
  6. K

    Extremely Finicky Fire Eel - Need Advice

    Hi there! I have a 9-10" Fire Eel that I'm having issues with food-wise. The only food he will readily take are your typical garden earthworms, and it's been this way since I got him a few months ago. However, now that the weather is getting colder, these worms are becoming more and more...