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  1. The Big Figfetti

    Haze/Fuzz in new planted wasteland tank

    Hello, I just joined the forums and posted an introduction, but I’m really hoping to get some help with my new tank. It’s only 7 days old, but the plants don’t seem to be doing well. There’s a fuzz or haze around them and the driftwood. I showed pictures to my LFS and they said it looked like...
  2. G

    Canister Skill Issue? Or Marineland Messup?

    I have a 30gal and switched from an HoB to a Marineland Magniflow 220 canister filter approximately 5 weeks ago (Im only using the provided media, no custom stuff). I left my HoB running for a week, just to help get the new filter up and running. For the first few weeks, it was working like a...
  3. J

    White spots/film on fish, need help identifying what it is

    Last night I noticed these white areas on two of my fish that were not there before, one of them has already died. My first thought was ich but these white areas appear to protrude off the fish and are not perfectly round, so I feel like it might be something else. It appears currently on the...
  4. sweeteybabey

    Strange White Film In Cycling Tank?

    I've been cycling my tank for a few days (with flakes and Fritz Zyme 7), and I was wondering if anyone else has had this white film? I haven't tested the parameters yet (I'm planning to on Monday), but I just need to know if this is something harmful or just a natural part of the cycle? It...
  5. S

    Replaced Bulbs.. Now Algae :(

    Hi all, Hope you can help, my tank was looking very dull and tired and so it was time for me to get back into it. I replaced my bulbs with a couple from lamp specs, I went for 1x grolux and a 880 Philips, at the same time I also purchased an 865 and 845 to test out the colour combinations. I...
  6. greenmumma141

    Tank Slime/film, Algae?

    Hey guys, my tank has been up and going for about a month now (started with cycled filter) and I havent had a single bit of algae, but I noticed that my tank looks cloudy, so looking closer I could see that the inside of the glass has a slime on the front and sides too. It's more noticable...