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  1. A

    Betta Slime coat/receding fin

    Hi! I've had a betta fish for a few months now, and with every water change his fin recedes and has long tears along it. Initially I was told it was most likely fin rot, and I tried using bettafix and trisulfur tablets which helped a little, but would never cure his tail leaving it as bad as it...
  2. A

    Opinions on aquarium salt with smaragdina?

    I'm setting up a 60l tank for B. smaragdina, hopefully the fish will go in in about a month (waiting for tank to cycle and breeder's females to grow out). I've seen mixed opinions on using aquarium salt with Betta, with some people swearing by it and other people saying to avoid. Does anyone...
  3. E


    Hey Guys! So I bought the Fluval Flex 34 Litre for my male Betta. I’ve been researching ways to reduce the waterflow as it was very harsh and he was getting dragged around the tank. I discovered another way other than the typical ways like punching holes in the pipe and so on. If you have an...
  4. L

    Help! My fish are fighting

    I’ve had a ten gallon tank with one Blue Gourami for awhile now. I bought 2 neon tetras two weeks ago and just introduced them about a few days ago. I noticed that the Blue Gourami has been chasing them and harassing them. I thought it would stop if I re-arranged the tank and gave them a bit to...
  5. twintanks

    Fish Are Going Berserk

    The peace of my new tank is now shattered. I offered up the morning feed today, switching on the tank light to find my six neon tetras belting around and pursuing each other, with duels every few seconds on the castle ramparts and behind the plants. Also my blue dwarf gouramis' behaviour has...
  6. B

    Newbie Wanting Help With Betta Splenders (Fighting Fish)

    Hello All!   I am new to this forum, and I am also new to owning my first Betta!   I am wanting to know a few questions I have about them. I am sorry if this has been asked before, I'm still trying to find my way around   QUESTION ONE:   I am wanting to breed him, I am unsure of his age, I...