1. S

    New planted tank - what fertilisers/foods are shrimp safe?

    Hi all, I am setting up a new 180l tank and am going for my first ever planted aquarium. I have laid out Prodibio AquaGrowth Soil on the base of the tank, and then a layer of Prodibio AquaShrimp Powder Soil which was recommended. I have purchased a selection of plants from my local aquarium...
  2. Irksome

    I stopped adding fertiliser during a Cyanobacteria outbreak, should I start adding them again?

    I have finally got on top of my slime algae problem in one of my tanks. It is now heavily planted with hygrophila difformis, hygrophila polysperma, limnophila, frogbit, red tiger lotus and Brazilian pennywort. I have been using clay root tabs and nothing else. Will a liquid fertiliser upset the...
  3. Ingrid

    Do you use fertiliser on your plants ?

    Do you need to use or do you use fertiliser on your plants ?
  4. Ingrid

    Feeding plants

    How often do you need to feed plant in a fish tank ?
  5. three-fingers

    Liquid Carbon Neutro Co2 £6 Posted - Plant Fertiliser/algae Buster

    Quantity for sale: 1. Reason for sale: Not needed. Delivery or collection: Either. Sales price: £6 - bank transfer as don't accept paypal. P&P: Free. Location: Edinburgh.   Here I have one 500ml bottle of liquid CO2 for the planted tank, only asking for £6 posted - this would usually cost £12...