feather fin catfish

  1. AmyKieran

    Feather fin synodontis feeding

    Hi there, I own a feather fin syno about 7 inch long. I’m worried that he isn’t getting enough food. He usually stays in his ship all day and when I feed my other catfish he doesn’t bother moving. I’ve even tried putting food through a tube directly into the ship but doesn’t seem bothered. I’m...
  2. O

    My 10gal Blackwater tank

    Some photos of what I have in my 10gal tank.
  3. K

    Injured catfish

    i have a feather fin catfish that got itself stuck and has pierced its side with its fin and has ripped a lot of his top fin off, what’s the best way of helping him recover
  4. L

    Pls help newbie!!

    Hi all, brand new to this site and aquariums! Very much need help!! I set aquarium up and was looking to get variety of bright coloured fish (not sure of type) it didn't happen.... A random neighbour smashed their tank and put into bin area! I noticed two fish in the freezing cold water, so...
  5. A

    Feather Fin Catfish Synodontis Eupterus

    feather fin catfish synodontis eupterus I have taken on a couple of these from a friend but they are fighting. I need to get some more to stop this. I know a lot of people buy them young and cute then regret it when they mature. If anyone has any they want to rehome I can offer a 6ft tank in...