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  1. Circus

    Can I use a Fluval 307?

    I am growing out a Fahaka Puffer, and he is about the size of a pea right now, and just started his week qt in my 10 gallon hospital tank. His final tank is 100 gallons, so with only the single fish in the tank, with plants, can I use a fluval 307, or will a 407 be needed? I plan on also...
  2. M

    Fahaka puffer breathing fast

    Hey giys Hope your all doing well, things are going great with Franklin my fahaka puffer, but noticed today started breathing faster than usual. Water change was done as normal once a week and water parameters are good. I've also noticed when I have my airstone on, there bubbles take ages to...
  3. M

    Fahaka Puffer Help

    Hello new to this page My name i Marc, I have been a hobby of aquarium for the last 9 years. I'm getting my new tank and fahaka puffer next week. Was meant to be getting puffer two weeks later but now it's same day. Want to cycle tank immediately and been told to use Api quick start and Api...
  4. mmblaquatics

    Check out my channel :)

    Likes and Subscriptions appreciated :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnd1oKtzDHpLAsTwNhU8vyw
  5. Dominus_XVIII

    New Baby Fahaka Puffer Log

    Went to the LFS on Fathers day and browsed their stock. Noticed a 1" baby fahaka puffer aggressively darting at me while flaring it's bold yellow tail, I already own a larger fahaka and this was the first time I've seen them at this size for sale, so I asked a employee to ring it up for me. The...