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  1. yasinullah

    Co2 Fire Extinguisher, New & Unused, Jactone, Dated 2011, X7 Avail

    CO2 fire extinguisher, new & unused, Jactone, dated 2011, x7 available, £15 each   Age and condition: New, dated 2011 + various months, some of them have the frost horn accessory damaged (the black attachment in pictures), they arrived this way to me, rest of the extinguisher is in new condition...
  2. Zikofski

    Review Of The New & Old Up Inline Diffuser

    Comparison and Review on the new and old UP Inline Diffuser's   When i entered the world of Injected Co2 i did some research and came across lots of diffusers some internal some external and inline with the filter, now considering i already had an inline heater and wanted to keep equipment...