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  1. A

    Fluval 205 External Filter (London\bromley Se9)

    Equipment: Fluval 205 external filter. Comes with all the gubbins; media trays, foam media, ceramic media, charcoal media (charcoal is used so probably no longer active), inlet and outlet pipes, tubing to connect inlet and outlet to filter. Age and condition: About 5 years old. Very good...
  2. Wills

    Fluval Fx5 (With Fluval Fx6 Pump)

    Equipment: Fluval FX5 (with Fluval FX6 pump) Age and condition: Filter housing and parts are about 2 years old and FX6 pump is brand new. Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale: Replacment through warrenty Delivery or Collection: Collection only (or local delivery) Sales price: £150 Willing to Ship...
  3. David J

    Flow Rate Too High?

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice on the flow rate of the water in my tank since installing a new fluval 206 external filter to replace my U2 internal. My tank has been cycled since February and i have been stocking gradually starting with lemon tetra then glowlight tetra and most recently...
  4. Sophie

    Filters And The Likes.

    Just picked up the Fluval FX6 for £190 instead of the normal price of £299.99.   Obviously super chuffed and happy as it's still sealed and brand new.   But what are your opinions on Fluval and what would be your filtration of choice?   Favourite brand and model?
  5. D34DLY

    Brand New & Boxed Tetra Tec Ex1200 External Filter

    Equipment: Tetra Tec EX1200 External Canister Filter Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Doesn't Fit Inside My Cabinet. :'( Delivery or Collection: Collection Preferable. But Delivery Is Optional If Funds Supplied. Sales price: £100 (What I'd Paid For It) Postage & Packaging: Buyer Will...
  6. RossC

    How To Properly Clean An External/canister Filter

    How to Properly Clean an External/Canister Filter I've seen this question asked on many forums and all over YouTube so I thought I’d write a friendly and hopefully easy to follow guide on how to maintain your canister/external filter. Step 1: As with any sort of tank maintenance turn off...
  7. M

    Fluval 306 External Filter

    Fluval 306 external filter: Age and condition: I have for sale a 4 month old 306 filter. The big white foam pads have been used, the black foam has not nor have the polishing pad or ceramic hoops. The supplied piping has been cut in half to suit inlet and outlet. Its still being used so has not...
  8. David J

    Do I Need An External Filter?

    Hi I'm just starting out and getting my first tank for Christmas. A Fluval Roma 90L. I have read a few posts here where people talk about having external filters as well as internal ones. Obviously my tank will come with an internal one but would there be any advantage to me getting an...