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  1. Avel1896

    Euthanize a fish in a PAINLESS way

    It is a very sad and tough moment to deal with, but you will maybe have to do it, one day or another... Here is how I proceed using essential clove oil which is according to me the only painless way to make your fish pass away as clove oil is an effective anaesthetic. Good luck. As difficult...
  2. newmag1659

    Mystery Snail Losing Shell?

    I have 4 mystery snails in a 5 gallon vertical with my betta, Cheesecake. Temp is about 78 degrees F, parameters are 0/0/15. pH is around 6.4. Soft water around 50 ppm.Betta is fed daily, but the tank is fully planted so I only feed the snails every 2-3 days. They get homemade snello, which has...
  3. L

    Euthanize starving dwarf gourami with pop eye?

    I'm a relatively new fish keeper & I need some advice. I have a dwarf gourami with one pop eye that I am almost sure that he got as a result of an altercation with another aggressive fish. (Other fish was frequently aggressive towards DG). No other fish has it; we do regular water changes; and...
  4. Jan Cavalieri

    Bladder Disease - Is it time to Euthanize? But I don't want to!

    My powder blue dwarf gourami has had this for 4-5 weeks now. First and second time it was a distinct tilt and inability to swim straight, this time it's hanging vertically, with the head at the top. I can snap her out of it for a few minutes by repositioning her. She cab even straighten...
  5. TotallyTropical

    Dealing with Putting Down Pets

    Hi all, Just had to put my 13 year old husky/border collie mix down last night with my family. Cried myself to sleep. It’s my first time ever putting down a pet (other than fish) and it’s been really hard on me. Any tips for keeping my head up and staying positive? I know I’ve got to keep busy...
  6. RCA

    Aqua-Sed, Fish Anaesthetic ~ Have You Used This?

    Sadly through suffering and ill health the time can come when we need to put fish out of their misery. Euthanasia is never easy and a lot has already been written about this. Whenever I have had to end suffering, I have in the past used the clove oil method (there are mixed views on this)...
  7. F

    What Happens To Fish Returned To Shops? Euthanasia?

    What happens to fish returned to shops? Euthanasia?   We bought 3 juvenile honney gouramis about a month ago, and since last week one of them (who is starting to look like a male) grew increasingly aggressive towards the other two (a male and a fefale, we think).   Yesterday we isolated the...
  8. mikerawr

    Getting Rid Of A Fish?

    Hey all,  In a previous post a lot of people told me that I needed to get rid of a Algae eating loach that was growing too large and territorial. I did not personally purchase these fish but received them as a gift. Now I want to know what people mean by "getting rid of a fish" or "the fish...