emerald cory

  1. Ch0le

    I want a centerpiece or a pair, any suggestions?

    Hello everyone. I have a 20 gal high and I need a little help. I currently have 6 Bleeding Heart Tetras and 4 Emerald Corys. I've been trying to figure out a pretty pair or a pretty centerpiece fish to complete my tank. I've read so many things about so many possibilities and now I'm completely...
  2. D

    A third wheeling Cory????

    I have 4 fish, 3 cory and a goldfish. My concern here is about the cories, I have had them for a year or more I want to say and at the beginning all three would school together and say a week later its only two that stick together and obvi the other is lonely in a corner or just plain on the...
  3. Crazy_fish_mom


    I'm new to the forum thing but I'm excited to share what I know. I currently have these fish and tanks: 10gallon Mr. Whiskers-Gourami Rebel-Betta Adam-Cory Catfish 6 ghost shrimp- unnamed 5 gallon Midnight-Betta Cory 1&2- Cory catfish 2.5 gallon Luka-Betta 2 gallon Phoenix- Betta...
  4. CorydorasLover

    Emerald Cory Cat Is Chewing On Male Betta's Tail Fin?

    To start, I have a 10 gallon tank with 1 male betta (Loki) and 3 cory catfish: a peppered, an emerald, and an albino. (Heimdall, Doc & Peach.) At first, I had only Loki and the peppered (Heimdall) for several months together in the tank. They were content, but I'd been urged to add several more...