1. AeonMapa

    Electric Blue Jack Dempsey Growth Journal :)

    Hi I know I've started a similar thread under the name ebjd journey but it seems this is a more appropriate place to put it. I purchased this fish in late March 2014, I saw one of the local importers put an ad up on facebook,I've always dreamed of owning one but could never find them in my...
  2. F

    Can Someone Identify I'm Cichlid

    Can someone identify my cichlid is it a blue peacock or a blue electric ahli?
  3. D

    Electric Siphons?... Which One To Get?

    Hey all!   So I'm wanting to get an electric siphon for my large tank (and possibly one for my smaller tanks, depending on cost), and I know absolutely nothing about them, let alone which ones would be good for my tanks. (Sorry mods if this thread is in the wrong place, I couldn't figure out...
  4. J

    Will Bog Wood Drop Ph?

    Will bog wood drop my ph I have just got 2 peices of it as I am getting electric blue rams and want my ph in the low 6's. my ph was 7.6 before I put them in when should I check if it has dropped or will it drop at all?
  5. J

    Electric Blue Rams

    my ph is 6.5, my ammonia is 0.50ppm, my nitrite is around 0.5-0.10, my nitrate is around 40ppm but i have no fish so dont mind about the nitrate at the moment i will just do a water change. my water is at 82 degrees too.   am i doing okay as this is my first tank i will be getting the fish in a...