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electric blue ram cichlid

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  1. F

    Electric Blue Ram Lump on Head

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can identify this lump on my electric blue ram’s head. It seems to be getting bigger slowly. Tank:200L Fluval Roma Community Tank: 2 Opalone Blue Gourami, 2 Adult Angelfish, 1 juvenile Angelfish, 2 platinum Rams, 2 electric Blue Rams 3 Siamese Algae Eaters...
  2. Shoople

    Electric Blue Ram Trouble

    I got home from school today and my female blue ram (I think it's a female, I know the other one is male.) is swimming with her head up high and she is breathing very fast. I have the for a little bit over a month. She is being chased by the male but nothing to crazy. I checked levels, they were...
  3. A

    Has Anyone Got Any Electric Blue Ram Cichlid In North Wales (Wrexham)

    electric blue ram cichlid wanted a pair or fry if i could. i am willing to pay for them there are hard to get hold of any where near wrexham thank you please message me if you could help