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  1. TotallyTropical

    Dealing with Putting Down Pets

    Hi all, Just had to put my 13 year old husky/border collie mix down last night with my family. Cried myself to sleep. It’s my first time ever putting down a pet (other than fish) and it’s been really hard on me. Any tips for keeping my head up and staying positive? I know I’ve got to keep busy...
  2. BettaPonic

    Thought to share.

    This is my Yellow Lab named Kadie and I thought to share.
  3. B

    My Best Friend

    Hey everyone! I thought I would show you all my dog. I can't participate in pet of the month yet, but I plan on it in the future. My dogs name is Chewbacka Coco Puff, coco for short. he is seven years old and is a purebred shih tzu. He is light brown with a white beard. He sleeps on the foot...
  4. B

    What Breed Is Your Dog?

    Hey everyone! Besides my fish I have other pets.  I have to say my favorite is my dog.  Although I love the others, there is something special about a dog.   My dog's name is Chewbaka Coco Puff.  We usually call him Coco.  He is a cinnamon brown Shih Tzu.  He is very lean and very tall, his...
  5. CrazyDiamond88

    Dog Dilemma

    I have a gorgeous 4 year old staffy girl. She is wonderful with people; she'd never hurt anyone. Problem is, given her fighting instinct, she can be aggressive with other dogs. So I've stopped letting her off the leash. The thing is, now it makes me so anxious to walk her even when she is...
  6. Mamashack

    Man's Best Friend - Mine Too!

    Here's a picture of my border terrier x with patterdale terrier I think. He's 7 yrs old and probably about to get the shock of his life as will be getting a border terrier x with jack russell probably ***** puppy in about 5 weeks all being well. LOL!!! Are we not allowed to say the female dog...
  7. S

    Alfie Opening His Christmas Bone!

    Well as we're going away for Christmas to the other halfs perants who also have two dogs (don't get along too well, expecially when it comes to toys and treats!) I thought I'd save the fighting and let him open his bone early! Video: Merry Christmas!