1. I

    Fungi-like on anubias

    Hi, I have had this fungus looking like thing growing on my anubias since a month ago or two. Does anyone know what it may be and how to heal them? It's a red-cherry with snails tank, if that matters for the treatment.
  2. sgropp311

    Community Tank Turning Yellow and Slowly Dying off

    Hey, so I have a growout tank where I kinda just throw most of my livebearer fry and small angels that I get from the store (i'll describe the tank more below). It's always been super healthy, and normally I've got a betta in there too, just because he gets along with the other fish and I raise...
  3. V

    Power blue dwarf gourami NOT DOING GOOD NEED HELP

    hey so I noticed one of my dwarf gouramis not swimming very well recently for about. a couple of days now and it started to get really bed to where he is just floating upwards near the top of the tank in a diagonal way and when he try to swim him tail is facing down. How can I help him and what...
  4. B

    fin rot & fungal infection

    i’ve attached some images of my betta fish sweet pea. i have just gotten him a 10 gallon tank, and i was not aware he had anything wrong with him until recently. how do i treat him pls help