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    De-worming and Discus bloat

    I have 6 discus ranging from 9-14cm. The tank is 165 litres, I'm going to upgrade them within the next 3 months. The smallest guy has a very thin head and body, and one of the bigger guys has bloat. I have used Epsom-salts twice now and neither fish seem to be improving. I used 10 teaspoons...
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    Getting Rid Of Discus Parasite

    So today I bought my first 2 Discus. 1 Snakeskin and 1 Red Marlboro. I plan to add 4 more. I was told on this site to get rid of the Internal Parasite they are breed with as soon as I get them. I ask an employee at the fish store about the Parasite and he said don't worry. 2 minutes later I...