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  1. Sovereignty

    Best place to put Co2 Diffuser/Drop Checker

    Good morning all. I'll start off by saying I am new to Co2, but I have done research on it, however; I'm facing some... maybe not issues... but... ones that potentially can CAUSE issues down the road if I can't get this figured out? I bought a Co2 system from my LFS for this tank, its an...
  2. cooledwhip

    Cheap Co2 Kit System?

    I want to try using CO2 on my planted tank. I currently have these plants:   Peacock Fern Staurogyne Repens Bacopa Temple Compacta Anubias Nana Windelov Java Fern   Plus a large lip algae eater   I've had the Windelov, Anubias, Temple and Bacopa for about a week and they haven't really grown...
  3. Zikofski

    Review Of The New & Old Up Inline Diffuser

    Comparison and Review on the new and old UP Inline Diffuser's   When i entered the world of Injected Co2 i did some research and came across lots of diffusers some internal some external and inline with the filter, now considering i already had an inline heater and wanted to keep equipment...