1. V

    Feeding a fish with a chronical swim bladder

    Hi there, one of my oranda lionhead suffer of a swim bladder desease. I won't give up with her because luckely she merely floats on the top of the tank and after digestion time she swim normally It is the first time i deal with a problem like this, im totally newbie so i need help My personal...
  2. S

    Peacock Eel questions about diet and behavior

    I have somewhat recently got my self a peacock eel. From day one he has been very active and very willing to eat right out of my fingers. Since I've gotten him I've been feeding him thawed frozen bloodworms. My question is how much should I feed him, and should I feed him anything else besides...
  3. Aisilence

    How to add GREEN FOOD to Black Ghost Knifes diet?

    Hey! So I've read that any fish should have a variety of food in their diet to keep them healthy, including my BGK fish. He is about 3 years old and was always eating just frozen blood worms. Anything else I put in my tank - he completely ignores it. I'm sure frozen blood worms are his favorite...
  4. The Lumpfish Guy

    Feeding and Nutrition in fish.

    There have been quite a few posts recently about fish nutrition and many of these have been slightly misguided in their understanding of how fish nutrition works. So as I work as a fish scientist I thought I would help clarify some basics about nutrition and feeding in fish. There are two types...
  5. B

    HELP! Cory swimming funny, etc..

    Hey everyone, I've had 6 corys for a long time in a 20 gal long and suddenly one of them started swimming upside down and close to the surface. When he wasn't, he would either just sit in one spot or swim around the middle/top areas of the tank. This isn't normal for him. He also has some torn...
  6. simonero

    Golden Dojo.. Please help with conflicting care information

    Hi! I recently bought 2 juvenile golden dojo loaches. I'd identified them as tank-compatible in the past, but hadn't done much recent research and had to decide about the purchase on the spot. Now, for 2 things in particular, the internet seems to contain contradictory and even opposite...
  7. Cameronb_01

    Discus Eating Habits

    Hi Guys,   I have a relatively new discus aquarium, (4-5 days) and I was watching my 3 10cm discus eat just now and they weren't really eating. I put in 2 frozen "Discus Diet" cubes. They sank to the bottom then 2 of them bit them a couple of times then all three swam quickly to the other side...
  8. noobgamers

    Interesting Fish Food Ideas

    hey guys long story short i couldn't get hold of live food or frozen (due to parental objections to it) food and so now i make gelatine fish food as a supplementary food and was wondering what i could add to this at the moment i make a omnivorous one (shrimp,peas and cucumber) and a veggie...
  9. Seandgoode

    New Betta Owner, Pellet Question.

    Hi everyone, I bought my first betta today, he is in his own tank with live plants and cycled filter etc. I have read through the very good articles on betta here but he only thing I'm not sure on is the suitability of the pellets I have. Link below...
  10. F

    Catfish Feeding

    Hi everyone,   Just wondering if you were to feed a catfish pellets would the other fish eat it before them? If so, would sinkable pellets be better. Any suggestions would be great.   Many thanks,   Fishyfish890