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  1. H

    Molly died giving birth?

    My molly looked pregnant and like she was going to give birth this morning (she appeared to be crowning - I guess?). When I came back a few hours later she still looked like she was crowning and she also had what looked like a wound the front of her abdomen with something stringy coming out. She...
  2. Barry Tetra

    My rosy barb died

    My rosy just died can anyone tell me how he died? Yesterday he got pushed by the water of 2 power filter and today he died. My tanks: 25 inches long tank with 6 rosy, 6 swordtail ,1 small chinese algae eater, 6 kuhlies and bunch of pond and mystery snails, 3 balloon mollies (yeah when i bought...
  3. driger8642

    Help With My Fish Tank!

    Hi all, my name is Sammy, I'm from New York. This is my first post there so I really hope that I'm in the right place, if not can I request a moderator to move this thread to the right section? Thanks   Anyways, I just started my hobby of having fishes as pets. So before getting them I did a...
  4. R

    Cloudy Water 8 Fish Died!

    Hi I'm new to this forum I'm hoping someone can help me. I diagnosed one of my fish having fin rot (kissing gournami) and I bought some medicine and took out the carbon and treated the the tank I also added more filter media/swapped it with the carbon. A couple days later my water started to get...
  5. S

    Help Sick Fish!

    Hey everyone I have a 65g setup that has been running for 2 1/2 months. My tank is cycled and the levels are good. I came home today to find 2 clown loaches very sick and one just passed away. I'm not sure why they have gotten sick as every other fish in the tank seems to be more than fine. I'm...
  6. D

    Black Molly Fish

    My black molly of a week liked playing in the tank, last evening he buried his head in the rocks on the bottom of the tank and died, anyone have an idea why?