denison barb

  1. Linkandnavi

    Stocking a 450L

    Evening everyone, My 450L (approx 119 US gallon) recently finished cycling. 150 x 50 x 60cm. I'm in the process of slowly stocking it over the next few months. I've not run a tank of this size before so I'm feeling my way in with the stocking levels. At the moment, it has two Siamese Algae...
  2. SteakNShrimp

    Fish acting weird please help!

    I have a 55g tank that houses - 1 Rainbow Shark - 2 Cherry Barbs - 1 Male Swordtail - 1 Zebra Loach I recently (yesterday) added 3 Tiger barbs 2 Green Tiger Barbs and 3 Albino Tiger Barbs as well as 2 Rose-line Sharks/Denison Barbs, a RainbowFish and a Blue CrayFish. The problem is one...
  3. T

    New Here

    I have a 55 gallon tank. In it I have Opal gourami Blue gourami Pink kissing gourami Gold gourami Dwarf fire gourami Dalmatian Molly Black skirted tetra Neon green tetra Silver dollar Denison bard Blue mystery snail It is a very lively tank. All the fish have there own personality. I...