1. B

    Added Too Much AquaSafe?

    Heyo, this is my first post on here because I’ve been worried about something. I have a 10 gallon tank currently waiting for active filter media to cycle, and I added in some AquaSafe from tetra. On my bottle, I swear it said ‘add two teaspoons for every ten gallons’, so I added in two...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Dechlorinator chemical vs inline filter

    Hello everyone. I need a tutorial on how to use dechlorinator and need an opinion on what’s better between Chemical vs Inline dechlor.
  3. Liv15

    Chlorine Control Confusion!

    So I've always used Tetra AquaSafe to make the tap water safe when doing water changes. But today I had to get more and I couldn't get the AquaSafe so I bought the store's own brand 'chlorine control'. I just wanna double check the ingredients with you people, it says "active ingredients -...