1. sgropp311

    Community Tank Turning Yellow and Slowly Dying off

    Hey, so I have a growout tank where I kinda just throw most of my livebearer fry and small angels that I get from the store (i'll describe the tank more below). It's always been super healthy, and normally I've got a betta in there too, just because he gets along with the other fish and I raise...
  2. LexiLex888

    One fish dead the other not looking good help!!

    So yesterday evening I did a water change on my goldfish tank (40 gallons) that only had two small goldfish in it. They seemed to be fine yesterday but this morning I woke up to one dead and the other laying on the bottom of the tank and it looks like his skin is peeling off? I do this water...
  3. Snoyo1

    2/4 of my corydoras found dead :(

    Hi everyone I just wanted to find out why my corydoras May have died suddenly. I’m from Aus btw. They seemed pretty healthy I’ve had them since October last year and I have a 60L tank with 8 neon tetras, 2 gouramis and had 4 corydoras (now 2). They all seemed pretty happy but my tank started...
  4. A

    Dead harlequin- aggresive Yoyo loach

    Hi all, So recently i bought a few tetras and a yoyo loach from my local pet shop. They told me the loach was peaceful, but only sold me one(im getting some tank mates asap). I woke up this morning, and saw one of my harlequins that i have had for a while was lying dead on the floor, completely...