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  1. T

    Gambusia + dalmatian molly = gammolly? dalbusia? dalmatian mosquito?

    Hi, I had a very interesting thing happen recently. I have an outdoor 275-gallon IBC tote that I keep heated and use it as an aquarium--that is, when it's not being used to quarantine new pond fish. I haven't bought new koi in a while. I have a handful of different freshwater fish breeds in...
  2. J

    Dalmatian Molly strange behavior

    So for a few months, off and on, my Dalmatian Molly would hang out at the bottom of the tank just flapping her fins and tails as if she was swimming. She would just chill at the bottom for hours. And just today she started swimming around with the back of her body to the left more. She only is...
  3. D

    Help?! My molly is attacking new fish?

    So I have over a 20 gallon tank which my Molly shared with a DG. I got new fish which have bright stripes on them so I moved my DG into another tank. After I put these guys in my Molly started attacking them! I even watched him bury in sand until one would pass by!! I took my Molly pit...
  4. MiloMn

    Molly Fry In 3 Gallon Tank?

    So My Dalmatian-Gold Spot Molly has had alot of fry since we got her from the pet store. I usually just let nature take its course, But 2 crafty fry have survived for a while so I got a breeder net for them. They stayed there for a while but they got too big and my platy got very stress and...
  5. D

    Dalmation Molly Pregnant. When Will She Drop?

    My dalmation molly is pregnant. Can you tell me when you think she might drop? I've had her for 3 months and she never looked pregnant before but I found two fry a month ago. This time she is big! Thanks. Attached is a pic
  6. R

    Bloated Or Pregnant Dalmation Molly?

    Hi I am new to freshwater aquariums and need help. For roughly the past two weeks, one of my Dalmatian mollies has been getting consistently fatter. I assumed she was pregnant. But she's so bloated I wanted to make sure it's not something wrong with her. She is swimming fine and eating. Not...
  7. G

    What's Wrong With My Dalmation Molly?

    Hi,   I was wondering if someone can help.   I would like to know what is wrong with one of my dalmation mollys. It's tail is faced down and it seems to be struggling a little to swim against the flow like it normally does. It has no other symptoms.   My tank is 25 imperial gallons. The tank...
  8. D

    Dalmation Molly Problems

    I have a 2.5 gallon fish tank that is sparsely furnished. Within the tank is a Dalmation Molly, a nonaggression betta fish ( keeps to himself) and a Cory catfish whom reminds at the bottom of the tank. Well I recently got these fish bed we set up the tank and decile oater the water. I guess you...
  9. B


    My dalmation molly is huge. She squared out about a week ago. Should I be concerned that she hasn't yet had any fry? If this is normal, how much longer might it be. I had a picture, but cannot figure out how to post it. Any advice would be appreciated.