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  1. GuppyFanaticxd

    Thinking of going from artificial decorations to live plants. How can I make this less stressful for fish?

    Hi again. I've had a 10 gallon tank for over a year but I'm starting to think of switching from artificial to live plants. How can I make it less stressful, since it could be a drastic change in aquarium? I can also provide tank parameters if needed, and any advice is appreciated. :) EDIT...
  2. HalfTailedOwner

    New Guppy Suddenly Pooping Stringy Poop

    I've noticed that the guppy I got a few days ago is pooping what appears to be stringy poop. Apparently this isn't a good sign in the tank; I checked the tank and everything is still normal: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrates, 40 ppm... It's oxygenated with both an airstone and the filter, but I haven't...
  3. Annemarie

    Adding Fish

    Hello! So after a little over four weeks of cycling my aquarium is finally ready for fish. There are some plants and all that and they look happy so I don’t think anything is wrong (parameters are testing at 0 for nitrite and ammonia) but that’s not quite my question. On Sunday I added 3 neon...
  4. D

    RO Water in tank

    Hi all, Finally cycled my tank! Took about 5 weeks but I'm now there. Water in my area is very hard. Details follow: 113 mg/l as calcium 19.755 Clarke 15.82 German I can purchase RO water from my LFS. What ratio tap water to RO water should I use if I want to keep Cardinal Tetra. I also need...
  5. P

    Has My Tank Cycled?

    Hi All, This is my first post here and just really looking for some good advise on my tank and its cycle. Tank info - 200L, planted, 5 statues / ornaments, gravel substrate, Fluval U4 internal filter, Fluval heater, temp 25-26 C, PH 7.5 Im currently doing a fish in cycle. ( i know should have...