cory eggs

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  1. B

    Mixing Cory Eggs

    With the help of some other users advice, my first batch of peppered cory fry have hatched in the 2L cookie jar yesterday, I have been doing daily water changes. They have been spawning for months, but I have only just realised how tiny they are/ they've been escaping the breeder box slits the...
  2. A

    Cory eggs what to do?

    Hello I’m new here I have been keeping fish for a while and recently I got two new bronze corydoras and what is my luck that the actually spawned the first time unfortunately all eggs were ruined by other tank mates but they spawned again today and I managed to save 8 eggs I have removed them...
  3. Guyb93

    I could do with saving these eggs

    The other morning I woke up to two dead geophagus this morning I have woke up to a fair few Cory eggs , they are very close to my water surface and it is my water change day , my school of bronze corys did take a hit last year and went from 14 to 8 , but these eggs could rebuild them if I can...