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  1. thenaturalhales

    Advice on eye!

    I changed the substrate yesterday to sand to help keep my Cory’s safe and when I returned them back from the holding tank that had their tank water in it, one of my baby Cory’s eye looks really bad. I put some melafix in the tank but I think he’s be happier in the big tank than moving him to a...
  2. D

    Breeding Pygmy Corydoras

    Hello all! I've been keeping pygmy corydoras for a few years because they are my favorite fish. I'd really like to see them reproduce but they don't seem to be doing so on their own. So what I'll do here is go through some of the steps I've been taking to get them to spawn and hopefully one of...
  3. C

    Cories Panting - At a loss!

    Hi all, New to this forum. I've had a betta for about two years and recently decided to expand into cories. My local tropical fish store is run by hobbyists and has high reviews, so I decided to trust them when I bought two pepper and one albino cory to accompany my betta in my 10 gallon tank...
  4. H

    How to get more oxygen in my tank? I have a bubble wall

    I have a bubble wall in my aquarium and I was wondering how to get MORE oxygen in my tank, other than live plants. Should I put in another bubbler, like an air-stone and have them run at the same time? My little cories just don't seem to be getting enough oxygen. I also keep my filter running...
  5. C

    African Cichlids vs Planted/Tetra Tanks During Power Loss

    I recently bought my first house, so my wife and I are excited to get our first aquarium together (I kept aquariums for 10 years from middle school through college). We are looking to get a 125 gallon aquarium and are trying to decide between doing a 'typical' Mbuna tank (just sand/Texas holey...
  6. C

    White marks

    I think my Cory has an infection or something. It appears to have white raised marks on its side. Any idea what I could do to treat? Should I separate it from the rest of the tank? All parameters are in range tank has been set up for over a year, these Cordy have been in for 6 months to a year...
  7. FloridaChick

    My new Salt & Pepper Corys arrived!

    Yay! Super surprised how cute these are! So curious with big eyes and so much fun to watch. I got 7 from a real jerk on eBay who said he couldn't send them out because he was sick and then got nasty and ghosted me. I spent hours trying to get my $80 (I know, thats alot, insane) but he wasn't...