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  1. V

    Snail death

    So, a snail in my dad's tank died. It's been there for at least a year, I don't remember. However exact age is unknown since it was a river snail. I think that most likely one of the other fish ate it, but he insists it was old age. I highly doubt that because that's his go to whenever...
  2. V

    Is it normal for koi bettas to change color?

    When I first got her, she was labeled as a koi betta and had the colors of one. Now, like half a year later she has turned pink and blue. Her colors don't resemble a koi fish anymore and I'm confused.
  3. J

    Honey Gourami Discoloration

    I have 2 Honey Gouramis that I thought were turning black because I read that they’ll turn black when they want to mate, but I’m not so sure anymore as to what is going on. Any help is appreciated.
  4. primsloaches16

    Betta- Before and After a loving home!

    Saw a ton of threads on posting progress photos of your fish, generally their change with colors and vibrancy, and I figured Honey is a fantastic example of that! Honey isn't a fancy betta, no flowy fins, the "wild" type of betta splendens. I got her on the rack of "less desirable" bettas next...
  5. Circus

    Natural Coloration?

    Do bn plecos change colors? My female, when I got her last week, was a mottled dark brown but was a different color when I did my daily check up on the qt tank. Now she is more of a chocolate color with vanilla swirls. Is this a sign of sickness, or just her natural coloration coming out now...
  6. onefieshcedrick

    Betta is Scared Of Me After a Whole Year

    So I've had my betta for a little less than a year, and a few months after I got him he warmed up to me significantly- he would follow my finger around his tank and I've been doing my best to take care of him. But lately, he's been acting scared of my finger. I'll hold up a finger to the tank...
  7. francisabch12

    The Colour of my female guppy is fading.

    Can anyone please help me with this the colour of my female guppy is fading. It's kinda turning white. I doubt it's because of stress I have been doing 20% water Change daily... I have a 15 gallon planted tank. 6 guppies. 3 male 3 females and few ghost fish. Only one female is affected by the...
  8. P

    Is my Betta Ok?

    I bought my Betta about 2 months ago and she's been in a living in a tank in my dorm room. I don't have a heater but ive been putter her near a lamp and checking the temperature to make sure she's warm. She eats fine and swims normally except when she sees me she swims very fast towards me and...
  9. Jan Cavalieri

    Anyone have a Red and Blue Gourami turn Black?

    These are two fish I've had since April - the only disappointment was that the "Red and Blue" consisted 90% red, and you could barely see any blue as shown in the picture. I figured they just needed some time to mature. Well now they are both turning Black. One is completely black on both sides...