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  1. lynhagan

    Lump underneath dropsy?

    My betta (who I have posted about before for recurring problems) has just developed a very swollen stomach. I thought at first it was constipation so didn't feed him for a day or two but it's looking very big now. He is lethargic but still eating. Can someone take a look at the photo? I'll...
  2. lynhagan

    Fin rot or damaged/growing fin?

    I have a Betta fish whose fins look a bit raggedy. I thought he had fin rot before and dosed with Aquarium salt and bought but did not use meds. I'm new to this and had some problems with water hardness which now looks resolved. He eats and blows bubble nests. My parameters are nitrite 0...
  3. L

    Stocking 300 litre tank

    Hi All. I am quite new to the hobby. I got my first tank in February. It's a 180 litre community tank stocked with a variety of barbs, neon, cardinal and harlequin tetra, galaxy rasborus and a Cory catfish. I've just bought a 300 litre and am wondering what to put in it.I'd like something...