1. Barry Tetra

    Is this fungus?

    Hi everyone! My clown loach have this white thing on his side is this fungus? @Colin_T @AilyNC
  2. JonathanWebb

    Treating Ick With Bgk, Clown Loaches And Shrimp

    Help. I have a black ghost knife, four yo-yo loaches and two Clown loaches among other fish which are not as important for this topic. My tank has ick for the first time, the tank is 2 1/2 years old. Given that these are sensitive fish I have been doing a lot of reading but depending on what I...
  3. RedtailMonster

    My 14G Nano Planted

    Here is my first picture thread, of my 14 gallon Nano cube.                 This is how it looked on Day 1....     
  4. ChaseO

    Percula Clown

    Thinking about getting two percula clowns for my 30g aquarium i will be setting up and was wondering what some colorful easy to care for anemones would be for the clowns? THANKS!!!!
  5. T

    Feeding Clown Loaches In A Comm. Tank

    I'm about done fishless cycling my 120gal tank (48 x 24 x 24), so I'm in the process of preparing to add my full fish load once it's ready so as not to loose any of my beneficial bacteria. My initial plan is to stock with 5 adult clown loaches and a handful of tetra, danios, and barbs. I'm not...