clown pleco

  1. MagicGirl33

    How can I get my clown pleco to come out more?

    As you may already know, I have a 240 gallon tank in the process of being set up but I also have a well established 20 gallon tank with a 4-6 month old clown pleco. I've only really seen him like 3 or 4 times!!! How can I get him to come out more?
  2. J

    Help with stocking tank/ Questions about a few fish!

    Hello! I'm Jacob, and I started my first aquarium around a month ago. My current lineup of fish are 3 Clown Plecos and 6 Neon Tetras. My tank is a 20 Gallon, and I can get the measurements right quick if I need to. Originally, I was going to find some Khuli Loaches and use them in place of the...
  3. Mr.JRosewolf

    Bottom feeders all dying

    Ok so after a very long time I finally got back into the fish hobby I got myself a 40g acrylic filled it with plants, cycled it, had my water tested and all my fish are happy and healthy..... except for any bottom feeders I add... Death count 2 green corys, 1 bristle nose pleco, 1 clown pleco...
  4. Ruskull

    To Clown Plec Or Not To Clown Plec, That Is The Question...........

    So I was in my local Petco today picking up a couple of Otocinclus Catfish and I noticed they had a Clown Pleco for about $8 plus tax.  I was considering getting him to replace the Bristlenose in my son's 55 gallon South American mixed tank.  He has Angels, a Swordtail, various Tetras, a BN...