1. Rockfella

    My extreme DIY journey from rookie to almost pro. Low Iron glass aquarium/sump. Anoxic Filtration System. Dr. Kevin Novak.

    OK. This madness started in mid April 2021 after an old school friend of mine gave me her small aquarium as she was fed up cleaning it regularly and burying dead fish. It was a 28 liter small tank. It had everything so I added Seachem Matrix (popular biomedia) and bought 5 small Danios from my...
  2. Barry Tetra

    Cloudy water need help!

    I just got new tank for my betta. I put clay substrate in the tank and this happen, can you guys tell me when its gonna be back to normal? (Ive washed clay before putting in the tank)
  3. Aynia

    Sculpey Clay for Aquarium Decor

    Hey all! I'm back with another question. So I'm a pretty artsy type and I have a few pounds of sculpey clay that I haven't used yet. I was just wondering your thoughts on whether this is safe for aquariums, or would it be safe if I painted it with aquarium sealant after baking and cooling to be...
  4. E

    Regarding Rotala acrandra and Hygrophila 'araguaia'

    Hi guys, I recently used some aquarium solvent, clay root tabs (clay balls with nutrients), and some rocks to plant the flora named in the title onto the rocks. Does anyone have any experience regarding growing these? I am using CO2 and high light levels. Thanks in advance!
  5. B

    Flowering Pots In Betta Tank

    Recently I had a flowering pot that was outside and got knocked over by the wind and is now broken. I wanted to put this in my betta's tank as some hiding spots and some cool decorations for her. It has had soil in it, but none with fertilizer that I know of.    How can I clean this to make sure...