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  1. M

    What Is The Maximum Number Of Guppies That I Can Have In A 60 Litre Ta

    What is the maximum number of guppies that I can have in a 60 Litre tank U.K.   They just keep on popping out babies, my plan is to seperate the males from females. I have one 90 litre and one 60 litre. Also what is the best type of filter I can buy that is not overpriced.   Thank you for reading x
  2. SarahMarie

    Maximum Fish In Tank

    I've recently bought a 64litre 'fish box' aquarium which I'm cycling at the moment with 2 platys, a male and a female. I'm just wondering what other fish I could have in with the platys, and what's the most I could have in the tank. I'm planning on getting a second female platy once the tank has...