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  1. tkoalas

    Platinum guppy has damaged tail fin and is hiding away

    Request Help. My platinum guppy is acting odd. See below for full explanation. Any insight would be helpful. Currently, the guppy in question has been moved to a quarantine tank in case he's being bullied by the other guppies or in case of fin rot. Tank size: 5 gallon (currently in 1/2 gallon...
  2. M

    Bettas and Guppies Help

    Update- Following two very helpful and informative responses, a new and much bigger 150litre tank has been ordered so everyone will be having an upgrade to a tank over double the size of their existing tanks. The bigger the better! I have enough supplies to set up a temporary 60ltr accommodation...
  3. Tippersloth

    Gourami bloat? Or just bullied

    I am wondering if two of my honey gourami’s have bloat or not as they are in two separate areas of the tank at the bottom half the time, there was an angel in the fishtank aswell but did end up giving away due to the angel being a nipper towards them so I am waiting to see if that was the issue...
  4. Meg0000

    corydoras is injured and pearl gourami problem again

    Hello, one of my bronze cory has a small cut, it is hiding right now so I can't take a picture but I would like to know what I have to do. Also I am back to the same problem one of my 4 pearl gourami is hiding it's the smallest. I was away for a week so I don't know for how long it has been like...
  5. Meg0000

    Pearl gourami issues

    Hi, I made a thread not so long ago about my smallest of the 3 pearl gourami staying behind the filter and I tought everything came back to normal later that day. Actually it got worse, she's staying at the right cornor of the tank almost all day long and today I don't think she even ate so I...
  6. F

    Guppy fighting gonopodium disappeared

    A fully cycled planted 100L tank with: 50+ cherry shrimp 1 betta 8 male guppies (I have way too many guppies as the first four female guppies I got actually had a male (in the tank at store) so from that I’ve now got too many guppies to count so when I could tell the males I’ve put them in a...
  7. K

    My Angelfish are bullies

    About two weeks ago i got 2 Angelfish juviniles off my friend who is a breeder here in NZ (about 3 months old from fry to know). I also have another 4-5month old Marbled Angel in my tank so they all not to big. I have a few questions, one is considerably smaller than the other two and just...
  8. GoodGollyMissMolly

    Stressed Out Pregnant Balloon Molly

    Hello all, in new here. I've just came to ask for some assistance. I recently started back up my 10 gallon tank after having moved to a new location. I had kept the water going in the tank along with the air stone and the filter, so the water didn't go stagnant. A couple days ago I got the...
  9. 9

    Advice Needed On Cichlid

    Hi I have a texas cichlid and a red devil the texas cichlid seems to be being bullied by the red devil and does not seem to want to fight back I have noticed that the texas cichlid keeps going to the top of the water and seems to be laying on its side a lot and only moves if another fish comes...